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The Urban 360 team led the evaluation of a range technologies that aim to improve indoor air quality, with a range of partners including Phillips and Dyson - focusing on school classrooms.

Air pollution not only affects the respiratory and cardiovascular systems; it has been shown to have significant effects on the central nervous system and alters neurodevelopment in a variety of areas.

This may be particularly important for children because they are more vulnerable in comparison to adults, breathing more air per unit of body size because they have a higher breathing rate and are more physically active. They also spend up to 8 hours a day at school.

Strategies that prevent exposure to poor air are therefore essential. The team were funded to assess the effectiveness of air purification systems in schools with a unique scientific robustness to see the long-term benefits of air purification of potentially improving air quality within primary schools.

As part of this work, we measured both indoor and outdoor air quality in 15 schools across the UK over a period in excess of 3 years. This enabled an informed decision as to the benefit of long-term use of air purification units within a school setting.


Impact on Urban Health

Local population

c. 50,000

Project collaborator


Project Value
£ 0


360 services provided
  • Experimental design,
  • Equipment procurement and installation,
  • Sensor validation, Operations and partner liaison,
  • Data handling, analysis and reporting.

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