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Urban 360 Training

As part of our educational and social mission, we provide training for local authorities and institutions with our internationally leading atmospheric and data scientists. We look forward to the possibility of joining forces to create cleaner, healthier cities for all.

Our training covers:

  • Air quality and health:
    • Air quality: key pollutants, policy context, effects on health.
    • Monitoring urban health and wellbeing.
    • Future air quality opportunities and challenges.
  • Air quality monitoring and analysis: 
    • Designing and costing efficient monitoring schemes.
    • Choosing and using the right IoT sensors.
    • Generating reliable data.
    • Working with air quality, traffic and weather data.
    • Analysis and interpretation.
    • Advanced analysis (weather normalisation, forecasting / back casting, change point detection).
    • Monitoring and improving indoor air quality.
    • Monitoring active travel schemes.
  • Securing funding for projects.
  • Case studies.

Our training can be delivered in the right way for your organisation:​

  • Face-to-face​
  • Live online​
  • Pre-recorded online​
  • Workshops, lectures and seminars​
  • Field trips to specific project locations or labs

We offer different length training sessions depending on your needs:

  • Overview: 3 hours with lots of time for Q and A.​
  • In-depth: 1 day in workshop format with time to engage with specific needs of participants.​
  • Advanced: 2 days in workshop format with time to co-create solutions to specific client needs (for example a funding application, project design or monitoring scheme)​.
Interested in training?

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To discuss your training requirements, please phone us on +44 (0)161 399 3601 (Business hours 9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday) or request a call-back using the form below.