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Delivering unmatched value

At Urban 360, we are dedicated to providing exceptional monitoring and evaluation services that prioritise value and reliability for every project. Our flexible offerings are tailored to your specific needs. We handle every stage of the process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.


Professional Assessment & Guidance

Urban 360 brings together decades of professional and scientific expertise across air quality, transport and health. We will thoroughly review your project, offering invaluable insights and expert advice. Benefit from our world-leading expertise in:

  • Air quality,
  • Transport,
  • Health,
  • Smart city technology,
  • IoT sensors.

Tailored Monitoring & Evaluation Solutions

Urban 360 crafts comprehensive, cradle-to-grade solutions customised to meet your project's requirements. Our clients benefit from our:

  • In-depth professional analysis,
  • Ability to integrate different kinds of sensors,
  • Industry experience from hundreds of successful projects,
  • Personalised, top-notch service,
  • Effective third-party management,
  • Excellent customer support.

Precise Sensor Selection, Placement & Validation

Urban 360 specialises in selecting and deploying the most suitable sensor technology for your project. Our strengths include:

  • Sector-leading knowledge of cost-effective and scientifically robust sensor options,
  • Expert sensor selection and monitoring design based on your specific needs,
  • Calibration, deployment and maintenance of sensor networks,
  • Accurate and precise data collection,
  • Full IoT connectivity.

Expert Reports, Recommendations & Training

At Urban 360, our team of scientists is always ready to assist you. We provide clear, comprehensive reports, accompanied by actionable recommendations. Additionally, we offer extensive training solutions and knowledge sharing to empower your team.

  • Problem-solving expertise,
  • Accurate, comprehensive reports,
  • Actionable insights to guide decision-making,
  • Expert-led training sessions.

Professional Modelling & Data Analysis

Urban 360 delivers high-quality data and insightful analytics. Our clients benefit from:


  • Comprehensive data analysis methodologies,
  • Before-and-after studies using change point detection and natural experiments,
  • Advanced modelling techniques,
  • Weather normalisation,
  • Forecasting and back casting.

Efficient Data Monitoring & Collection

Urban 360 specialises in generating robust, secure and reliable real-time data that can be flexibly accessed. Our clients benefit from:
  • Timely and efficient updates,
  • Swift response times,
  • Convenient access to data,
  • In-house options to make data open to the public.

Experience the Urban 360 advantage – unmatched value and expertise to ensure your project’s success.